Early Production Facilities (EPF)

Early Production Facilities (EPF)

When evaluating the need to provide production to enable early cash flow from wells where no permanent production facilities exist or from reservoirs too small for conventional facilities, EPFs provide the needed alternative.

Early production facilities (EPFs) enable our clients to put wells into production faster and recognize cash flow as quickly as possible. They also provide real-time production data that enables our customers to appraise reservoir performance before installing permanent facilities. In addition, our EPF solutions can be used for small reserves that would otherwise not meet acceptable risk criteria or would be uneconomic to produce with a permanent facility, thereby the EPF in effect becomes the permanent ‘life of field’ solution.


Geoplex Oil & Gas Systems offers a range of technologies that will cover most of your EPF needs including:

  • Two and Three Phase Separation
  • Sand handling
  • Gas Sweetening Packages
  • Fuel Gas Processing
  • Gas Dehydration Packages
  • Oil Dehydration, Desalting and Heating
  • Gas Dehydration Packages
  • Produced Water Treatment Packages
  • Flare systems
  • Fire and Gas Utilities
  • Tankage and Shipping