Our Hiring Process

CV Submission

Here are a few tips to craft a competitive resume:
Use the job description to highlight your relevant skills, experience or research. Emphasize the outcome(s) of the work or projects you’ve contributed to. What impact
did you make?

Tell us specifics about your work. What was the significance of your research? How many people did you manage on your team? What was the scope of your project? Recent graduates and students working towards completing degrees are encouraged to include college/university coursework or projects that establish your qualifications. Brief is best. Use your resume or CV to focus on major accomplishments and qualifications.



For some positions, a preliminary assessment is required. This may include language, mechanical, technical, and analytical aptitude assessments, depending on position and location. If an assessment is required, you’ll be contacted by email after the initial resume screen. The email will include the details and next steps for completing the assessment.

Interview Format

The interview will allow you to meet our recruiting teams and learn more about our company as we get to know you better. Our recruiting team will contact you (either by email or by phone) to communicate the specifics of your interview(s). Be sure to check your inbox to ensure that our emails are not being sent to your spam/junk folder.

You may participate in multiple interviews as part of the process. Here are a few of the most common: Preliminary phone/Zoom interview / Skype interview: For many positions, we will first contact you by phone to gauge your interest and get a better sense of your qualifications. In some cases, we will also include a Skype interview. If your preliminary interview goes well, we typically invite you to an in-person interview.

Technical interviews: Our typical on-site interview contains technical questions that help us to assess your familiarity with problem-solving in your given field. Be prepared to explain how you approach problems and arrive at solutions.

We encourage you to ask questions during your interview to learn more about Geoplex as we learn more about you and your qualifications.